Luis Varela



A View of Momotombito
A View of the Volcano
Another Day Begins
Baking and Laundering
Bringing Home the Water
Caribbean Coast Market
Caribbean Village
Chontales Landscape
Fruits For Sale
In Front of the Lagoon
Laundry Day
Lavender Fields
Matagalpan Neighborhood
Matease Village
Mombacho Vista
Our River Laundry
Our Secret Place
Our Village at Noon
Our Village Huts
Salespeople Mid-Morning
Splendor by the Esteli River
The Bloom of Spring
The Ceramics Shop
The Green Lagoon
The Little Market
The Tomato Vendors
The Volcanos around Our Village
The Wood Cutters
Tomatoes for Sale
Tranquil Village
Typical Ranches
Vegetable for Malpaisillo
Village Memories
Wagon With Bananas
Watering the Horses

· Measurements  are in centimeters, height preceding width (height x width).


Dan Chill, GINA – Gallery of International Naïve Art
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