Jorge Ferman



A Brief Rendezvous
A Meeting of Friends
A Moonlight Rendezvous
Fresh Bread for Sale
Our Family’s Corn Patch
Our Village Bus Stop
Tortillas for Sale
Visiting the Neighboring Town


A Fork in the Road
A Summer Day
After School
Atlantida Countryside
Building Our Home
Corn for the Hens
Football in My Village
Goats at Rest
Grazing by the Village
Harvesting Cabbages
Harvesting the Cabbages
How Green Is My Valley
How Green is My Village (diptych)
Laundering the Clothes (Laundering by th...
Life in Yuscaran
Meeting at the Village Square
My Family’s Portrait
Oasis (Triptych)
Off to School (Diptych)
On the Goat Path
On the Road Again
Our Family’s Banana Grove
Our Farmhouse
Our Majestic Country
Our White Goat
Paradise Village
Peaceful Valley, Peaceful Village
Sharing the Village News
Sisters Coming Home
Springtime Preparations (diptych)
Summer Countryside
Sunday in My Village
Sunset Over My Village
The Bread Saleswoman
The Goat Wagon
Tiger Island
Tortillas for Sale
Tortillas For Sale!
Village Promenade

· Measurements  are in centimeters, height preceding width (height x width).


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