Lucia Buccini



Santa Rita Farm


"Smokey Maria" Is Departing
A Brazilian Scene
Arriving Home
Beautiful Ducks
Blue Sky and Lots of Flowers
Blue Sky Day
Bountiful Land
Bus in The Counrty’s Interior
Clear Water
Country Flowers
Daily Life in Country
Fields from the Past
Flowered Fence
Here Comes the Bride!
Horticulture Graden
Inside a Country School
Land of Abundance (Triptych)
Landscape with Boats II
Let’s Watch the Ducks?
Little Pedro Rides Off to the Village
Lovely Vegetable Garden
My Childhood Home
OH! What a Beautifull Day!
Oh, What a Tree!
Orange Picking
Our Perfumed Waters
Peddler on the Road
Picnic Under the Bamboo Tree
Pleasant Moments
Remembering the old Farm
Roads, Paths and Trails
Small House with the Blue Terrace
Sunday in the Park
The Blue Bus
The Broom Salesman
The Curral Hills
The Fisherman
The Flowering Field
The Football Village
The kitchen
The Milkman
The Peddler Has Arrived
The Shade is Refreshing!
The Spring Sun
The Vegetable Pickers
The Woodcutter
Traditional Farming
Tranquil Lake
Valley of Abundance (diptych)
Water is a Blessing
Waterfall and Orange Trees
Work in the Sugar Cane Fields
Working in the Coffee Fields

· Measurements  are in centimeters, height preceding width (height x width).


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