Paulina Pinsky



A Forest
A Legitimate Runner
A Rare Rug
A Vase of Flowers
Adriao’s Bar
Après le Maroc
Beach and Mountain
Beach House
Beach With Waterfall
Bonsai a la Province
Bonsai II
Carnival Country
Carpet Canopy
Clothesline II
Concert Hall Aria
Contemplation II
Doesn’t She Look Like Elza?
Faces and Crowns
Flowers According to Guignard
Football Country
Fragment With Seder
From Generation to Generation
Hide and Seek
Hot Mandala
In a Persian Market
In the Middle of the Desert
Interior/Exterior With a Wicker Basket ...
Interior/Exterior With Bonsai
Jump Rock (Pedra do Pulo)
Little Houses
Marina in Tel Aviv
Marroquinerie I & II, Diptych
Music and Flower Carpet
My Jerusalem Doesn’t Live Here Any More
North Coast, Diptych
Not Everything is Flowers
Numbered Seats
Out to the Sea
Pair of Shoes
Pair of Shoes II
Pair of Shoes III
Palm Tree and Yellow Flowers
Pedro Paulo With a Dachshund
Picnic by the River
Preserved Area
Rare Oasis Rug
Reflection with Suburban Carpet
River Beach
Room in the Old House
Rug Canopy
Samba Circle on the Beach
Sao Paulo’s Horizon
Sunday is Football Day
Tel Aviv from my Window
Thanks to Di
The Blue Window
The Carpet Washers, Diptych
The Entrance
The Flood
The Park
The Russian Table Cloth
The Salvation of Moses
The Three Graces
The Wailing Rug
There Are Fishes in the Net, Diptych
There’s So Much to See
Thinking of Life
This Can Be Your View, Too
Verse and Reverse
View from the Square II
Watching Boats
Wedding Portrait

· Measurements  are in centimeters, height preceding width (height x width).


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