Mara Toledo



Bathing Day
Full of Life
Games and Adventures
Happy Yellow Parakeets
Parrots on an Old Tree
The Motion of Life
The Small Grocery Shop


A Country Scene
A Path in the Forest
Abundant Orange Harvest
All Eyes on the Water
An Indian in the Forest
Bananas for the City
Beauty of the Forest
Birds of the Forest
Birth of the Little Hens
Blue as the Sky
Blue Mountain Waterfall
Bountiful Nature
By The River
By the Waterfall
Coffee Plantation I
Coffee Plantation II
Crossing by Boat
Enchanted Forest
Feeding the Chickens
Flowering Time
Great Coffee!
Harvest in the Forest
Harvest Time
Hunting for Prey
In Harmony with Nature
In the Heart of the Forest
Inside the Forest
Inside the Forest II
Outdoor Market
Raimunda Bed and Breakfast
Ring Around the Rosie
Somewhere in Paradise
Spectacular Ibis Birds
The Birds are Bathing
The Ederly Florist
There is More Blue
Tropical Forest
Woman Collecting Water
Zezinho’s Curiosity Ship

· Measurements  are in centimeters, height preceding width (height x width).


Dan Chill, GINA – Gallery of International Naïve Art
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