Zoe Sever



On the Roofs of Tel-Aviv. Cats.
Spring Dreams - Jerusalem
The Olive Tree. Samaria
The Sun of Tel Aviv
Upper Galilee


Ayalon Canada Park
Bereshit. Tel Aviv. New Beginning
Charles Clore Park
Corners of Tel-Aviv. Ben-Ami & Beilinson
Corners of Tel-Aviv. Ben-Zion & Tarsat S...
Corners of Tel-Aviv. Rothschild & Yavne
Elah Valley (Earth)
Elah Valley: Blossoming Sabras
Everybody is Home
Fields. Lower Galilee
From Zichron Yaakov to the Sea
Green Point Tel Aviv
Habima Square: The Tree
Ha-Emek Railway
Hayarkon Park. Tel-Aviv
If You Will It, It's not a Dream. Theodo...
Kfar Ruth
Mishkenot sha’ananim - Waiting For the R...
Nahalal Village
Palmahim. Fruit Garden
Park Leumi. Ramat Gan
Roofs of the Old City, Jerusalem
Sarona. Evening. Tel-Aviv
Sea of Galilee
Sea of Galilee (Water)
Spring in Ein Karem
Sunset Road. Tel-Aviv
Tel Aviv Evening, in Front of the Sea
Tel Aviv Port: Reading Power Station
Tel-Aviv. From East to West
The Clock Tower: Old Jaffa
The Independence Day
The Judean Desert (Fire)
The Tzabar City. Tel-Aviv
Twilight. Hahula Lake
Vanishing Continents I, Dead Sea
Vanishing Continents II, Dead Sea
Vanishing Continents III, Dead Sea
Yaffo st., Jerusalem

· Measurements  are in centimeters, height preceding width (height x width).


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