Maria Laura Bratoz



New Grandson
Next, Please!
Sabra and Me


…and Noah Knew
9 a.m.
9 p.m.
A Difficult Case
A Family Business
A Visit to the Aquarium (Triptych)
All Aboard!
All you Need is Love (Volkswagen Kombi)
An Evening in the Attic
Ann and her Favorite Dolls
Apple Pie
Bacco’s Wine Shop
Bonita Beach
By the Seaside
Cat and Fish
Central Market
Cheese, Cheese, Cheese!
Cough Syrup
Crazy Cake
Cunning Little Vixen IV
Dog and Duck
Don Raul The Shoemaker
Family Shop
Fancy Pets
Fasten Your Seatbelts
Father’s Pride
First Date
Five Stars
Golf Lesson
Good Friends
Grandpa’s Pride
Grandpa's Car
Green Thumbs
In A Hurry
Jimmy’s Choice
Just Baked
Knitting with Grandma
Leni’s Books
Lola and Lucy
Lost and Found
Lost in Vacation
Louder Junior, Louder
Love is in BelAir
Madam Morgana
Magical Potion
Mario’s Books
Marry, Peggy, Betty and Suzy
Modern Art (Diptych)
Music to our Ears
My Grandmother’s Kitchen
My Neighbors
New Glasses
New York Office (Homage to Edward Hopper...
Nothing To Wear
On Time
Once upon a time…
One, Two, Three...
Peter The Cowboy
Picnic Day
Please Fix It!
Quiet Morning
Ribbons, Buttons and Bows
Sailing Time
Samson and Delilah The Final Snip
Say "Cheese"
Seeking Inspiration
Seven A.M. (Homage to Edward Hopper)
Ship Ahoy!
Singing Lesson
Social Media
Spring (Citroen 1956)
Strawberry Jam
Summertime (Homage to Edward Hopper)
Sunday Morning: Homage to Edward Hopper
Tailor Made
Tango Bar
The Antique Shop
The Baker, The Grocer, The Eggman
The Book Shop
The Discount Shop El Baratito
The Entomologist
The Expert
The Fishman
The Gonzalez Family
The Little Apprentice
The Mad Hatmaker
The New Employee
The New Recipe
The Rehearsal
The Secret Ingredient
The Shoemaker
The Spirit of Spring
The Three Dressmakers
The Violin Maker
The Zoologists
Tic Toc
To the Fair (Chevrolet 1951)
Uncle Tim’s Shop
Valentine’s Day
Waiting for a client
Wednesday Morning Market
Weekend Break (Volkswagen 1945)
What Chemistry!
What in the World!?
Where is that Movie?
Where Would It Be?
Which Should I Choose?

· Measurements  are in centimeters, height preceding width (height x width).


Dan Chill, GINA – Gallery of International Naïve Art
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