Ivan Večenaj


18/5/1920- 13/2/2013
Born in village Gola, Croatia
Started to draw in age 15th

1954 - First exhibition in Koprivnica

Through 60 years of creativity most painted oil paintings on glass that are specific to the Croatian naןve inverse method of painting.
He has exhibited throughout Croatia and the former Yugoslavia, Milan, Turin , Paris, San Francisco, Florida , Japan, Munich, Basel , Monte Carlo, New York, etc. He has received many awards and honors.

He wrote seven books : SECRETS OF THE CASTLE PEPELARA – Prekodravlje history and research on the wall Pepelara learned that they are actually the remains of the castle Elizabeth. KRIK DIVLJE DJEVOJKE- novel , MOJEM ZAVIČAJU- history of village Gola and Prekodravlje , PREKODRAVJE TAK POPEVA – collection of poems ,VELIKA FTICA – novel , PROVERBS AND RIDDELS and VOCABULARY OF GOLA which is preserved from oblivion 12,000 old words.


Dan Chill, GINA – Gallery of International Naïve Art
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