Isaias Quic


He is part of the “Atitlan” school (“Atitlan” means “next to the water”, and in fact, the people settled near the water) which began in 1949. This school highlights thematic realism, drama, contrasting colors and light, creating a mysteriously charged atmosphere. Custom of celebrating nocturnal market places; great luminosity; intricate details; indigenous people appear rough-skinned, with long “earthy” disproportionate limbs and impenetrable or pained expressions.
The Atitlan compositor often places human figures in the foreground of the canvas; often they are arranged like a chorus.
Aerial views offer unexpected perspective and masterful color selection. Main topics of paintings: daily life, religious life, ethnic medicine for healthy and sick people; human anatomy; and still life.


Dan Chill, GINA – Gallery of International Naïve Art
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