Mile Davidovic


1958 Born in Slatina, Croatia
As a baby moved to Serbia
Lived in Greece for six years
Studied Economics
1977 Moved to Belgrade, Serbia
1984 Began his artistic career
2002 Became a member of the International Association of Naןve Art, Paris

Solo Exhibitions
Niagra Falls, USA

Group Exhibitions
Belgrade, Serbia
Embassy of the USA, Belgrade, Serbia
Embassy of Russia, Belgrade, Serbia
Embassy of Italy, Belgrade, Serbia
Embassy of Canada, Belgrade, Serbia
Castelveto, Italy
Hamer Gallery, Amsterdam
Hague, Holland
2009 "Groupe International Des Primitifs Modernes Dits Naifs", Paris, France
2010 "6th Biennale of Naive Art", Space Julien Green, Andrיsy, France
2011 "Internationale Naieven Biennale", Galerie Lijn 3, Hofstede, The Netherlands

Dan Chill, GINA – Gallery of International Naïve Art
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