Tuilleries Festival Paris
Our Happy Village
Walking in the Park
On the Roof
Lovers Beside the Lagoon
Footbridge Over the River
An Autumn Stroll
Canopied Forest
Collecting Water from the Stream
A Tranquil Landscape
On the Avenue
In the Harbor
At the Airport
In the Gaming Room
Buenos Aires in the Winter
Pizza Delivery
The Giraffe
The Brunette and Lila
Rithschild 10
World Under the Blue Sky
My Family
Fancy a Cuppa?
Granny's Garden
City Sprouts, Tel Aviv
The Wind of Morning, Tel Aviv
Sky, Sea, Sails, Tel Aviv
A Whiff of Mexico in Jerusalem Mountains
Road Between Olive Trees, Jerusalem
Spring all the Way to Jerusalem
Passover Seder
Tel Aviv Promenade
The People Demand Change!
Margay at the Waterfall
Sunset Over Chontales
The Happy Lagoon
Working the Farm
Coming and Going
Visiting the Countryside
Watching the Birds Fly By
Snow-cones and Siesta
America Sofia
Chickens Beware!, 2023
Paradise in Chalatenango
Headwater of the Black River
Here Comes the Bus
Greeting the Bride and Groom
Florist in Red
Florista Family
East and West
Water Lilies
Lazio Waterfall
Tuscan Towers
Siesta Time
Separating the Wheat from the Chaff
The Voyeur
Farmer Checking the Harvest
The Corn Harvester
Springtime in Asti
Watching Over Her Dream
The Music of My Soul
Orchards in Rehovot
Cherry Blossom
Moonlight Dance
Nabaj Corn and Flower Seller
Chichicastenango Weaver
Farming in the Field
Clear Water Fishing
Jungle Harmony
Colors of the Jungle
Parrots' Paradise
Red Pin
Orange Flower on the Head
I Was Dreaming
Jujuy Carnival
The Old Grocery Store
Musicians' Portrait
Women's Heavyweight Champion of the World
Adam and Eve
The Guitar Player
Sugar Cane Harvest
Picking Coffee
Hills of Jerusalem
The Last Rain
Winter Joy
The Art of Fashion
Fitting Room
Sarona. Noonday.Tel Aviv
The Days of Yore and Hereafter. tel Aviv
Pagoda House. Tel Aviv
Israelis Together
Paris in Lisbon
Corn Harvest
Market Day
The Great Harvest
Dancing at Sunset
3 Roses
Lonley Hearts Club
Waiting for the Bus
Dancing the Zamba
Little Girl with Cherries
A Difference of Opinion
Parrots on an Old Tree
Bahian Fair
A Day of Uniting Forces
Black Dog - VI
The White Rabbit
Travel Fever
Would You Be Mine?
The Goldfish
The Card Players
Pure Enjoyment
The Quarantina
The Lockdown
The Tree
Lake Xoltlan
My Windowsill
Jerusalem of My Dreams, in the Late Afternoon
Poem for the City of Love
Pochocuape Region
Wedding in Coffeeland
Santa Rita Farm
Seagull in Tel Aviv
Cards and Billiard
Meeting at the Lake
Enjoying the River
The Town Train
Life is Good
Rooster in the Alps
Rothschild and Allenby Street
The Storyteller
Girl with Dumbbells
A Surprise Visit
Watching and Worrying
Midsummer Night Dance
A Land of Figs and Honey
Pomegranates by Mount Meron
A Day in Jerusalem
Daily Life in the Village II
Daily Life in the Village I
Snowy Day
Mother is Calling- Lunchtime
Trout Fishing in the Dolomite
Serenading My Love 3
A Harmonious Afternoon
The Enchanted Jungle
Paradise Along the Amazon
Voyage to Mt. Huaytapallana
The Old Inca Bridge
Processing the Corn Harvest
Village Life
Wish for a Child
Village Wedding
Happy Yellow Parakeets
Picnic by the River
Owl Amidst the Trees
Red Shoes
The Garashi Family
Magic on the Sea of Galilee
Shepherd in Kfar Yonah
Rag Ball
Bayate Sugar Cane Harvest
Off to the Party
Georgian Band
Not So Still LIfe
Lovely Afternoon
Nebaj Weaver
Preparing the Field
Snack Bar at the Costanera
Cafe Los Angelitos
Returning to Mother’s Home
The Oil Workshop
Harrison’s Department Store
Mom’s Lace
A Relaxing Weekend
Peace and Tranquility
Old Friends Playing Hopscotch
Tu Bishvat
Day and Night
The Market
The Art Exhibition
The Duck Pond Square
Lighthouse Golf
The Happy Forest
Playing Cards
Zina Dizengoff Square
Here is My Horse
The Umbrella Repairman
Romance Among the Flock
My Village, Hlebine
Full of Life
The Longest Journey III
Golden Wedding Celebration
By the Pond
Flowers for my Love
The Bakery
Harvest Lunch Break
My Family’s Portrait
Street Party
Road to New Guinea
The Morning Train
The Playful Lion
Newlyweds III
Winter Comes to My Village
Glorious Day
Miguel’s Ranch
Memories From My Patio
The Chatting Trio
Our Donkey "Cadichon"
The Shepherd in Provence
Time to Eat
Our Patio At Dusk
Invited to Tea
Passing the Train Station
Winter I
Good News
The Duck Pond
The Runaway Horse
The Playful Horse
Sunday Guests
The Winter Dining Room
A Letter From the Algarve
Hoeing the Vineyard
The Night Watch
The Hat Salon
Shopping at Abraham’s

· Measurements  are in centimeters, height preceding width (height x width).


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