Alonso Flores



A Birthday Game
Life by the River
Merrily Flows the Stream
Returning from the Market
The Laundry Man Returns
Watermelons for Sale
What a Beautiful Day! (diptych)


All Roads Lead to the River (diptych)
Bananas for Sale
Calla-Lilies for Sale
Crossing the Lagoon
Drying the Laundry
Feeding the Hens
Fishing and Swimming
Flirting by the Brook
Flying a Kite
Home From School
Home From Work
Joys of Childhood
Laundry Day
Magic Mountains
Mangos for Sale
Mother’s Helper
Orange Picking under the Ipe Tree
Our Village Bridge
Our Village Carousel
Our Village in Bloom
Our Workday Begins (Diptych)
Picking Oranges
Playing Marbles
Returning Home
Selling Honey (Diptych)
Spring Comes to My Village
Spring is Busting Out All Over
Springtime in the Mountains
Swimming Time
The Banana Plantation
The Birthday Party
The Carousel Comes to Town
The Duck Pond
The Fruit Salesman
The Fruit Vendor
The Ice Cream Vendor
The Little Bridge (diptych)
The Mid-Day Train
The Path to the River
The Stream is Our Playground
The Tomato Vendor
Tomatoes for Sale
Under the Blossoming Maqui Tree
Vegetables for Sale!
Village Playground
Waving goodbye
Wood For the Fire
Wood for the Fire
Working Among the Sunflowers

· Measurements  are in centimeters, height preceding width (height x width).

Dan Chill, GINA – Gallery of International Naïve Art
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