Line 5
Lunch Break at Rehovot's Orchads
Jaffa Gate
Magen David Square
Picnic by the River
Owl Over the Village
Rooster and Pumpkins
Owl Amidst the Trees
The Big Red Cat
Owl- II
Owl- I
Mystery Woman of Burano
Big Snowfall in Val Seriara
Autumn in Sempione Park
The Fishermen are Resting!
Romagnolo Countryside
River Fishing by the Mountains
A Lonely Cow in Padana
Flowers Galore in Tuscany
The Dancing Olive Trees
Scarecrow in the Wheat Field
Lavendar in Tuscany
A Tranquil Tuscan Village
Villa Banfi in Montelcino
Juniper in Tuscany
The Lavendar Harvest
Under the Witches' Tree
Two Friends
Seamstress’ Lullaby
The Tree of Music in Morning
The Tree of Music at Night
Leonora (Forza del Destino)
1001 Nights
A Meeting of Witches
Lucia (di Lammermoor)
Papagena (The Magic Flute)
One More Year
Spring has Arrived
Warm Autumn
Blue Farmhouse
Winter Fun in the Village
September Sunshine
Greeting the Bride and Groom
Laundering near the Coffee Fields
Water for the Coffee Workers
The Circus has come to Town
In Love
The Sunflower Salesman
Fresh Bread for Sale
A Brief Rendezvous
Our Family’s Corn Patch
Our Village Bus Stop
Chajul Flowergirl
The Garden Kiosk
Shopping for Hats
The Morning Train (diptych)
Village Football
The Noon Bus
Merrily Flows the Stream
Watermelons for Sale
Returning from the Market
The Laundry Man Returns
Private Concert
Adagio for Cat Lovers
Winter Serenade
Rothschild Tango
Tango Universe
The Fisherman’s Wife
Red Shoes
Here’s a Turtle!
The Garashi Family
Magic on the Sea of Galilee
Harvesting the Field Crops
The Flamboyant Tree
A Girl in a Carnival Costume
Preparing the Breakfast Coffee
San Antonio Weaver
Chichi Weaver
La Esperanza Neighborhood
Friendship in Paradise
Rag Ball
Joyobaj Corn+ Flower Salesgirl
Young Woman with Fruit
Bayate Sugar Cane Harvest
Fruit Seller in the Country
The Florist
Off to the Party
Morning Coffee
The Slope
Janina in the Garden
High Mountain (Monte Alto)
The Fruit Seller
County Dance
Solola Weaver
Our Local Laundry
Santiago Atitlan Weaver
The Three Palm Trees
The Negotiation
Coban Weaver
Nebaj Weaver
San Mateo Ixtatan Weaver
Chajul Weaver
Seeking Inspiration
Here Comes the Ice Cream Man!
My Best Friend, My Partner, My Lover
Grandma Knitting
Hide and Seek
The Bloom of Spring
Harvesting Pineapples under Mount Trepiche
Three for the Road
Nearby the Little Bridge
Parisian Bistro
Springtime in Bagatelle Park
Happy Birthday!
The Country Life
Returning from the Vegetable Garden
Promenading in Venice
Vasilisa Prekasnaya
Charles and Diana
Ilan Ramon
Green Submarine
Vinhedo’s Farm
Golden Corn Harvest
Pequod Harbor
Harvest Moon Dance
Hydrangea Road
Among the Rosewood Trees
A Country Scene
Ring Around the Rosie
The Shade is Refreshing!
Here Comes the Bride!
Ice Cream at Fresko’s
My Ancestors Have Arrived - II
My Ancestors Have Arrived - I
Our Little Market
Pepa’s Carousel
The Village Witches
A Country Bakery
Sunday Regatta
Coffee for the Market
Pumpkin and Melon Harvest
The Corn Harvest
Our Village at Noon
Moonlight Love
Lovely Afternoon
Blossoming of the Almond Tree
An Old Umbrian Village
Farmhouse for Sale
The Corn is High in July
The Scarecrow
Watching the Dancers
A Festive Day
Picking Coconuts
A Birthday Game
The Joys of Swinging
Dancing at Our Wedding
The Four Weavers V
Patio Tango
All of Nature’s Splendor
Birds Take Flight
On the Riverbank
The Organic Market
Noah’s Ark #58
Good Neighbors
Fortune-Telling Witch
Don Pedro and La Sofia
The Furniture Shop
Celebrating Independence Day
Children’s World
Life by the River
What a Beautiful Day! (diptych)
The Milkman
The Pink Truck
Work and Play
A Morning Siesta
Our Day Begins
Dog, Cat and Flowers
The Pantry
Outside La Violetas
Remembering the American West
Reading Time
The Basket Weavers
Cafe Los Angelitos
Barge Fishing Along the Seine
In the Luxumbourg Garden
Place des Vosges in Snow
Le Moulin Rouge in Winter
In the Tuileries Garden
Flower Market in Autumn
Amongst the Strawberries
The Joys of Winter
Harvest Day
As Twilight Falls
The Music Kiosk
Attending Adult Night School
Catching Fish in the Muddy River
The Peach Orchard
Golden Autumn
Old Town Family Life
A Lively Day in Our Village
Neither Wind Nor Snow Stops Us!
Drying the Chili Peppers
The Farmer’s House
Cloth Washing in the River
Field of Hope
Returning to Mother’s Home
Good Times in our Village
Bringing my Wife Home
Drying the Linen
Beautiful Mountains, Beautiful River
The Oil Workshop
Popping Corn
Cucumber Harvest
Beautiful Countryside
Happy Chinese New Year
Here Comes the Morning Train
Love Doves
Enjoying the Lake
House and Garden
Winter Blossoms
Landscape Among the Hills
Our Beautiful Cacao Trees
Flower Girl with Fruits Basket
Serenading My Love
Jalisco Festival
A Siesta Before Lunch
Flowers and Butterfly Nets
Flowers for the Picnic Boats
Milking the Agave Plants
Fruits Basket
The Three Sisters
Santiago s.Fruits + Flower Seller
To Paris with Love III
Gallery’s Street
Dizengoff Square
To Paris with Love II
To Paris with Love I
Yellow Butterfly at the Coffee Harvest + Monarch Butterfly at the Sugar Cane Harvest
Tupperware Party
Mr. Li and his Animals
Gallery Talk
The Treasure
Summerly afternoon
At Our Home
Spring Evening
Enjoying the Weekend
Preparing For Winter
A Toast at Sunset
The Grape Harvest
A Sunday in the Country
Moonrise Over the Water
Enjoying Wine in Winter
An Evening Barbecue
Ice Wine Harvest
The Blossoms of Spring
Dickens Street in May
Love is Beautiful
Mrs. Pierce’s School
Tranquil Lake
Football on a Small Farm
Blossoming Coffee Plants
Our Magic Flower Garden
Musicians’ Moving Day
Remembering the old Farm
Resting Time
Musicians on the Stairs
Birth of the Little Hens
Playing in Sau Paulo Park
Spring Fever
Crossing by Boat
Playing in the Park
The Ladies’ Orchestra
A Familiar Melody
The Rooster III
Picking Olives in Tuscany
Tuscan Grain Harvest
A Relaxing Weekend
Repairing the Boat
Fresh Fish
Bat Galim Pool
Morning Harmony
Hitchhiking in the Jungle
Little Houses
Window to the Jungle
Gorilla and Friends
Swallows in Flight
Joys of the Jungle
Summer Reading
The House by the Lake
Scenic View of the Rockies
The Old Furnace
Old Friends Playing Hopscotch
A Perfect Match!
Amsterdam Serenade
Mazal Tov
Tu Bishvat
The Garden Stork
The Gardener’s Wife
Black + White – The Ceramics Shop
Along the River
Family Portrait
Fountain of Youth
Tel-Aviv, Tchernihovsky Street corner Bograshov Street
Day and Night
Same Problem Every Year
Grandma’s Delicious Soup
The General Store
Colorado Springs
A Beautiful Family
The Morning Train
Cycling in the Country (diptych)
Shepherd Under the Apple Tree
The Girls Dreams
Jaffa in Bloom
Umbrellas Over Jaffa
The Flute and the Galilee
The Market
Yellow Corn Harvest
Husking the Corn
Serenading My Love 2
The Clock House
Cats By the Sea
Memories of India
Spring in the Valley
Night of the Full Moon
Love Parade
The Art Exhibition
The Duck Pond Square
Cyclamens in Jaffa
Sunflowers for Tel Aviv
Welcome to Golan
Bahai Gardens
Shabbat in Our Village
Coffee Bar
Catching the Morning Bus
The Suitor’s Gladiolas
Happy Anniversary
Summer Vacation
The Neighborhood Carousel
A Bach Concert
Promenading at the Bolsom Fair
Water is a Blessing
Watching the Game
At the End of a Day
Lighthouse Golf
Lucky in Love
Spring Fever
Pumpkin Harvest
Feeding the Geese
The Roofs of Paris
Kitchen Cacophony
The Bird Chorale
Homage to Positano
Pont Neuf/ Paris
Holiday Island
The Mermaid Ferry
Picking Olives
Scything the Hay
Winter Landscape
The Towers of San Giminieno
Water Mill in Winter
The White Horse
The Chocolate Corner in Brugges
The Florist
Married With Cat
The Ice Cream Man
A Winter Day
Grandma’s Kitchen
Harvesting the Wheat
Landscape with Farmer
Maremmono Countryside
Tranquil Life By the River
A Small Bygone World II
Summer Landscape
Our Daily Life
Fishing Day
Partying on the River
Jalisco Family
Bananas for Sale
Self Portrait
My Love of Cats
San Juan Weaver
Santa Catarina Flower Vendor
Life in Mexico City
Harvesting Corn
Harvesting Watermelons
Leni’s Books
Mario’s Books
A Meeting of Friends
The Candle+Flower Vendor
The Three Weavers-II
The Cabbage Harvest
Under the Moonlight
Sunday by the Pond
Chinelos in the Town
Yucatan Village
The Pumpkin Patch
The Jungle
A View From the Terrace
Zina Dizengoff Square
The Barges
Stone House Gardens
The Sea Captain’s Return Home
Our Day Begins
Papantla Acrobats
Here is My Horse
Dressing the Bride
Home Sweet Home
Have a Drink of Water
Apple Picking
Returning Home
Coffee Break
An Afternoon in the Fields
The Umbrella Repairman
The Pot Repairman
The Village Peddlers
Children’s Sleigh Ride
In Love
The Fisherman
Our Winter Day Begins
Caught in the Act
Grinding the Meat
To the Market at Dawn
Romance Among the Flock
Shepherding the Cattle
The Grazing Goats
Marketing the Horses
My Village, Hlebine
Second Spring in Paradise
Puffs of Clouds
Look Mom, They are Kissing!
Just Married
Embroidering the Fabric
Uncle Zavanella’s Farm
Basketball Championship
What a Big Family
May I Help You?
Fruits of the Field
Model Boats Regatta
Lovers in Spring
The Bathers
Mother and Children in St Ives
Little Girl in Snow
Nude Lady
Our Village at Dawn
Morning Chores
A Path of Joy
Peonies for Prague
Paris, Ma Cherie
Friday on Rothschild Boulevard
Feeling Good
A Pleasant Evening
The School Trip
It’s A Bad Day for the Fox
Tam, Tam, Tadam
Carting the Straw
Fishing by the Arno
Five P.M.
Old Moscow
Cats in the Botanical Garden
A Day to Remember
Puerto de Frutos
Dulce’s Bakery
Beneath the Stars
The Three Dressmakers
Cheese, Cheese, Cheese!
Uncle Tim’s Shop
By the Seaside
Jimmy’s Choice
One, Two, Three...
Waiting for a client
The Entomologist
Bonita Beach
Vacation Village by the Water
Israel Trail
Ha-Tikva Market
Flea Market in Jaffa
The Expert
From Zichron Yaakov to the Sea
The Flower Shop
Doesn’t She Look Like Elza?
Rare Oasis Rug
Flowers for my Love
Holiday Flowers
A Sunny Afternoon
The Chair Salesman
The Wedding
Art Gallery
The Promenade
Country Wedding
The Little Market
A Family Business
Pair of Shoes III
Kabbalat Shabbat
The Bakery
Harvest Lunch Break
Nestling in the Heart of the Tree
Three Trees in the Moonlight
Wedding Portrait
Music and Flower Carpet
By the Well
Yemenite Henna
Wheat Harvest
Apple Harvest
Tel-Aviv-Jaffa Train Station
A House in the Country
Rishon (Le Zion) Park
The Kiosk on Rothschild
The Market
"What’s Cooking?"
Sunset Over Masaya
Here Comes Breakfast
Animal Kingdom
Grazing by the River
The Theatre
Our Hamlet at Harvest Time
Loading the Palm Fruit
The Morning Train
My Neighborhood
Escape to the Suburbs
House in the Apple Orchard
End of Summer
Peach Marmalade for Everyone!
Gathering Apples
Playing Hocky on Marquette Street (diptych)
Friday Evening, Habonim Dance
The Armon Commando - On the Railing
A Glorious Day
A Winter Wonderland
Steamboat Dining
Waiting for the Train
A Sunday by the River
Off to the Market
A Party in the Moonlight
Our Adventure Begins
Newlyweds III
Song and Rhythm
The Old Bus 60
The Fairy and the Tea Pot
The Hayride
Saturday Afternoon
Winter Comes to My Village
Selecting the Coffee
Glorious Day
Miguel’s Ranch
Memories From My Patio
Making Rope
Pulling the Tree Trunk
Joys of Winter
The Famous
Playing by the Lake
The Persimmon Harvest
Reflections on the Water
Walking the Dog
Garden of Eden
Two Girls Playing
The Commander’s Family
What a Parade!
The Dog Show
Off to the Pasture
The Chestnut Vendor
Golden Wedding Anniversary
Our Corner Grocer
Memories from the South
Daily News
Winter Goat Festival
Sled Riding
Bacco’s Wine Shop
Merrily Down the Stream (triptych)
Noah’s Ark
The Sea Lions
Paris Cafe
Rug Canopy
Blue Sea
Camogli Port
Cabbages in the Almond Grove
A Tuscan Evening
King Saul
My Village in Winter
The Little Shepherd with a Flute
By the Well
To George’s Birthday Party
Springtime in the Fields
The River at her Feet
The Grape Harvesters
Garden Games
Summer Market
The Joys of the Corn Harvest
Milkmaid with Wheat
Rendezvous by the Well
Pacala, Our Folk Hero
South Station
An Autumn Hora
I Love the Spring
My Family’s Village
The Mystique of Wolves
Our Donkey "Cadichon"
Hungarian Gipsy Wedding
The Shepherd in Provence
Shepherd and Flock
The Little Tin Soldier
Girl with Pumpkins
Glorious Coffee
Waiting for the Steamboat
Kaluga Dock
Entertaining the Guests
To Your Health
Promenading by the Sea
Hosting Grandma
Night Fishing
Time to Eat
The New Employee
Constitution Station
Promenading in Our Village
Gathering the Herd
Family Gathering
Village Shops
Mondial Festival
Algarve Countryside
Our Patio At Dusk
The Spa
My Fair Lady
In the Vineyard
Teatime in the Country
The Miller of Mafra
The Farmers
Marriage with Cat
Nectar of the Gods
Don Quixote
My Childhood Education
A Collective Building Project
Comalapa Panorama
A Happy Day in Comalapa
The Wheat Market
Baking Bread
Winter I
David and Bathsheba
A Port Fantasy
Good News
The Summer Wedding
The Blossoming Cherry Trees
A Place of Oils
Birth of the Village
The Night is Long
Nicolet Town
The Perfume of Spring
Preparing A Feast
Nibbling From the Plate
A World Framed with Gold
Behind the Pumpkins
The Wine Festival
Beautiful Venice
Drying the Sunflower Seeds
Sunday Guests
The Little Train
The Winter Dining Room
A Magic Place
The Meeting
Gathering The Pumpkins
Memories of Majorca
The Plaza
The Train Station
A Letter From the Algarve
The Balloons Are Flying
The Turkey
The House where I Was Born
The Sailor I
The Hoers
Festival of Lanterns
The Bird Sellers
The Big Apple
Harvesting the Grapes
The Rendezvous
Samson and Delilah - The Saga Unfolds
Samson and Delilah - The Betrayal
Samson And Delilah - The Tail Fires
Daily Life at Home
My Dream House
In the Park
By the Well
Beach and Mountain
Back From the Field
Market Day
Love Is in the Air
A Village Wedding
Hoeing the Vineyard
Boys Will Be Boys
The Mushroom Pickers
Dancing Around the Maypole
Water Festival
The Fruit Stand
Greeting the New Neighbors
Modern Times Come to the Harvest
The Corn Harvest
My Family Lends a Hand
The Baker
The Grape Harvest
My Family at Dinnertime
The “Boa Vista” Banana Farm
Samson and Delilah
The Mail-Order Brides
The Tower of Babel
Dance in Corrientes
Noah Ark
Eliezer and Rebecca II
Mordechai and Haman
Eliezer and Rebecca I
The Bull Ring
The Comalapa Plaza
The Story of My Village
The Bull Fight
Working the Field
Wheat Harvest
Noah’s Ark
Traveling through Rio
The Ox Drawn Wagon
Football Scene
Noah’s Ark
The 67 Bus Stop
Rowboat Romance
Regional Football Festival
Gossiping by the Blue Bar
Cafי Margot
The Tango Band
Sentimental Palermo
Harmony in the Flower Garden
Sunny Days
At Grandmother’s House
San Pedro Antiques
Peddler on the Road
Anemone Street
Noah’s Ark
San Antonio Farm
The Dream Couple
The Happy Forest
Real Circus
Enjoying Life
The Gate of Memory
The Old Keelong Market
Birdsong at the Lake
Lonely Tiger
Planting a Seed
St. Lazare Station, Paris
Adam and Eve
The Little Lynx
Autumn Leaves
Proud To Be Cop
Playing Canasta
Tour de France
Celebrating Bastille Day
Playing Bowls
Harrison’s Department Store
Nomadic Village in Twilight
Golden Wedding Celebration
Europe Portrait
The Stable
Entertainment Park
The Wife
The Woodsmen
The Banana Market
Sunset Over the Countryside
The Chatting Trio
Central Station Departure Hall
Bridge Players
Animal Lovers
Noah’s Ark
Squirrel in Canlelight
Our Little One
The Smiling Tiger
The Sweet Badger
The Happy Lion
Boy in Sailor Suit
Waiting For a Taste
A Walk in the Park
Horseback Riding
Jens and Agnete
In Tandem
Forest Serenade
Music of the Alps
Love is in the Air
Mr Fox
My Little Red Bag

· Measurements  are in centimeters, height preceding width (height x width).


Dan Chill, GINA – Gallery of International Naïve Art
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