Zoe Sever



Clouds. Safed
Corners of Tel Aviv. Ship Building
Jerusalem Transpired
Rooftop Avdenture, Jerusalem
Rothschild and Allenby Street
Seagull in Tel Aviv
Sunset Over Jerusalem
The Tzabar City. Tel-Aviv


Ayalon Canada Park
Bereshit. Tel Aviv. New Beginning
Bible Hill Jerusalem
Charles Clore Park
Corners of Tel-Aviv. Ben-Ami & Beilinson
Corners of Tel-Aviv. Ben-Zion & Tarsat S...
Corners of Tel-Aviv. Rothschild & Yavne
Elah Valley (Earth)
Elah Valley: Blossoming Sabras
Everybody is Home
Fields. Lower Galilee
First Star Above Jerusalem
From Zichron Yaakov to the Sea
Full Moon, Jaffa
Green Point Tel Aviv
Habima Square: The Tree
Ha-Emek Railway
Hayarkon Park. Tel-Aviv
If You Will It, It's not a Dream. Theodo...
Jaffa – Tel Aviv
Kfar Ruth
Mishkenot sha’ananim - Waiting For the R...
Nahalal Village
Old City Jerusalem
On the Roofs of Tel-Aviv. Cats.
Palmahim. Fruit Garden
Park Leumi. Ramat Gan
Paths to Jerusalem
Rainy Day. Tel Aviv.
Roofs of the Old City, Jerusalem
Sarona. Evening. Tel-Aviv
Sea of Galilee
Sea of Galilee (Water)
Spring Dreams - Jerusalem
Spring in Ein Karem
Sunset Road. Tel-Aviv
Tel Aviv Evening, in Front of the Sea
Tel Aviv Port: Reading Power Station
Tel-Aviv. From East to West
The Clock Tower: Old Jaffa
The Independence Day
The Judean Desert (Fire)
The Olive Tree. Samaria
The Sun of Tel Aviv
Twilight. Hahula Lake
Upper Galilee
Vanishing Continents I, Dead Sea
Vanishing Continents II, Dead Sea
Vanishing Continents III, Dead Sea
White Sun. Acre
Yaffo st., Jerusalem

· Measurements  are in centimeters, height preceding width (height x width).


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